Monday, August 30, 2010

Uncle Kalaki, by Salma Ginwalla

Uncle Kalaki
Salma Ginwalla
The piteous misdemeanours and terrifying transgressions of our leaders
You unfailingly unfurl and propogate for your reliable readers
No doubt, your political satire to many does provide comic relief
But for me, I shake my head in despair and disbelief
And ask: who appointed this upstart bespectacled spectator
To be our exalted nation's hell-raiser?
Why! Unbeknownst to us, this gadfly of our sluggish state
Has made our politicians a laughing stock for the world to berate
I declare that this fossilised relic of our painful past, we must deport
For he loathsomely likens our judicial system to a kangaroo court
And this whisky-imbibing sanctimonious scribbler
Audaciously derides our revered former leader as Master Dribbler
King Movious has proclaimed from his regal throne
Spectator Kalaki - GO HOME!
An Ode to Sister Salma
by Kalaki
How I wish your barbs had missed
This tormented satirist,
How your hilarious words do drop
From a new-found Malaprop,
And how I wish you'd find a scooter
To go back home to Mazabuka

1 comment:

  1. Salma is an ass! She likes a straight-jacket, and obviously has never stood up for any principle in her very short and ignorant life. Kalaki is a beacon for freedom; the bravest -with Sarah - of the people I know who refuse to tow-tow to that odious gang.